UGG: This is only “ugly” boots how swept the world

An “ugly” boots, how to capture the hearts of celebrities around the world, how can the 20th century, a popular since the 1920s, to subvert the fashion industry, “refused to change the same” fashion logic?

It is “ugly”: no type, no edge, and no additional modification. At least, can not make people think of elegance.

However, it has successfully won the world celebrities “by the family care” emotional dependence, from the 1920s has been popular so far, the success of the fashion industry to subvert the “refused to change the same” fashion logic.

It is UGG. How does it sweep the world? How does it break the iron circle of fashion in the same way? See the dark horse compiled from the “Guardian”, “New York Times” and other reports.

Comfortable, or universal

UGG’s southern California headquarters, showing a collection of celebrity snapshots from around the world, all of them pedal UGG boots.

From the appearance and feel it, they are passed out of the “worth having” “leisure, this is my” message.


American television host Kendall Jenna

Most of these photographs were taken in the mid-1920s, representing a pinnacle of the UGG brand. There are “Gossip Girl” Blake Laffley, Lydon Mestre and so on.

In the latest set of photos, there are animal protectionist Wayne: legs crossed, wearing UGG, filling leisure and laissez-faire style.

These are proof, UGG, has always been celebrity big coffee in informal occasions to wear favorite.

Comfortable, this is a great charm UGG irresistible.

But in fact, UGG successful real secret weapon is versatile.

UGG for all (at least from the sales point of view is the case).

UGG ready everywhere Whether hot days or cold days, indoor or outdoor, you can wear UGG. And, in some countries, UGG is the usual consumption; and in other countries, UGG or grounding symbol of the gas.

Right and wrong

However, UGG popular at the same time, has also been criticized.

Before the mid-80s of last century, UGG is still largely regarded as the choice of California Frankenstein, as if to some extent, only the scientific monster will wear it.

Wearing UGG, weird at the same time, will be a special ridicule.

“Not enough sexy,” the individualist claims, “unless you are the legendary ‘Bigfoot’, forced to find ‘Bigfoot’ special mission, need UGG through Antarctica.

Female singer Rihanna

“Fashion magazine,” a reporter, put on UGG also complained about the appearance of UGG hypertrophy, exaggerated ridicule “UGG shoebox so that the room did not even accommodate the space.”

And in the past in 2015, a coffee shop in eastern London and even in the store, especially named UGG as “cinder boots”.

UGG on the right and wrong, the dispute really has been constant.

But in 1985 to 1986, the brand ushered in their own era.

At that time, UGG sales in the United States, from 650,000 soared to 1.4 million. And, the next few years, UGG sales also steadily improved from 1.6 million, 2 million, has risen to 2.2 million in 1990.

UGG founder Brown Smith finally this almost antique-class brand, raised to the Times Square brand counters.

In 1994, the brand ushered in a greater turning point in the development.

This year, the American newspaper “USA Today” released a large photo of Pamler Anderson, as a companion picture of the Gulf Guard. Photo, Anderson dressed in red swimsuit, a pair of high waist UGG boots, one hand holding the manuscript, the other hand clinging to liferafts.

Today it seems that since then, this photo, has been outlined for the UGG 10 years ahead of the grand years of King.

Driven by the UGG fashion trend will occupy the mainstream.

This really marks the beginning of an important turning point in UGG.

“UGG has entered the national brand of the United States,” Smith said.

In October of that year, “New York Times” also for the photo on the boots, specially published a short essay, called “the United States on the west coast of the popular boots.” The media also said that for other footwear brands, in the fashion industry will become tomorrow.

The real situation is that UGG’s cultural rule has just begun.

Always fire to the 21st century

Into the 21st century UGG, hundreds of employees, all over the dense, bustling, modern, brown buildings.

Let’s take a look at this brand’s easy episode.

In 1995, owner Smith sold UGG to the Deckers group, which is later UGG Australia’s new owner. 2016 Australia finally from the brand name in the stripped, UGG more famous Hehe.

In 2000, in the famous Christmas shopping show activities, Deckers will be 350 pairs of UGG presented to the studio celebrity customers. Free celebrity UGG boots, but also Deckers was able to bear the marketing model.

Sure enough, celebrity effect, so UGG from a traditional stereotype, found a breakthrough.

Then, it seems that night, UGG everywhere.

However, according to reports, UGG really fire in 2003. At that time, they launched a classic UGG boots, pink, light blue – is the same color velvet sportswear with the perfect match.

So perfect match, suddenly, let a casual ladies even look particularly fashionable. And sales also broke the expected 25 million, nearly 40 million.

“At the right time,” Ugg designer Larsson said, “we began to receive celebrity calls, as someone said: ‘I want a pair of pink and light blue!’ And later the world famous singer Sa She also wears a pair of special colors – gem red, she wears sexy and stylish, and just wears a long sweater, she urgently needs a pair of big boots.

Product positioning worked.

In 2004, movie star Kate Hudson, in a film conference wearing a UGG flashing appearance. The producers liked her match. And, eventually she was wearing a UGG boots that appeared in the movie poster.

In this before and after the big fashion magazines, small to the tabloid seems to have accepted this “homely” style, have published UGG celebrity life photos, with family members, there are leisure time show cooking , As well as in the film with the wear.

All these moments, UGG are so coordinated, showing the leisure when the relaxation and sincerity. “Even the hottest fashion manufacturers once wore UGG, walk the dog, rub the garbage, they always wear it,” said Larsson.

In terms of length and color, Larsson broke through the inherent barriers of classic boots. Modeling design, is indeed the icing on the cake of the material.

No extra suture, extra details, including all the extra stuff. But it really is such a style to ensure that the perfect appearance of sheepskin material.

People talk about UGG style, because the kind of design, it really makes the boots become part of the foot, which won a luxury experience.

After the next 7 years, UGG began to diversify the development of the line: knitted, bright-shaped, all in the sample style list … …

UGG subversion fashion logic

How to keep the UGG boom does not fade, is placed in front of a task Deckers.

Thus, in 2009, Deckers conducted a special market research, and understand the consumer’s sense of dependence on the UGG brand.

Originally, the emotion is the key to connecting UGG with the consumer.


British model Rossi Hinton Dayton – Whitley

Research shows that customers often talk about their private time, quiet and lonely moment, and they like UGG, it is because, in such a moment, UGG has been accompanied by.

“UGG is not only a manufacturer of boots, but also want to become a kind of lifestyle that contains the brand, one to provide luxury and comfort, but also want to make the world know that UGG is not only a manufacturing enterprise, With the warm brand.

“People are not content with the sense of touch, which is not simply to create a comfortable boots, but for them to create a safe feeling,” Deckers senior researcher Jennifer Fleming said this analysis.

The next seven years, UGG began to take a diversified development path, such as knitted, sequined, are in this product style list.

At the same time, the fashion industry does not cover UGG’s favorite, and UGG hold more open attitude.

British fashion magazine “Vogue” declared “UGG fashion return”, and said it was “our most sincere fashion pleasure.” “If you say, you have been like UGG, has been wearing UGG, which means that you are the exclusion of the nature of fashion.

Deckers also said that UGG inherited the fashion orthodox rules. “UGG has a breakthrough force.” That is, breaking the class bias, breaking the brand bias, return to comfort.

But in fact, if the essence of fashion logic is to refuse to change, then, UGG immutable emotional care, then break the rules.

This means that UGG has successfully disrupted the inherent logic of the fashion circle, and continues.